Dalton Loses the Plot

Labour Cllr.Dalton announced on August 1st in the ‘Advertiser’ she would not attend every council meeting. She was lying because questions about her part time attendance at APC meetings was on the agenda for Monday 15th September so she hurriedly changed her mind about being a part time councillor and turned up. This is not the end of the story however………………..In the meantime she took it upon herself to ask the Clerk to the Council to arrange for security personnel to attend APC meetings (Why is a mystery because she has not been threatened or abused) and the Clerk agreed to her request.  Oh dear…..

This request should have been put onto the agenda and voted on and only then should the Clerk follow the council’s instructions. Dalton has involved the Clerk and the Chair in Procedural Impropriety*

*As defined by Lord Justice Muskill’s judgment in:
Greater London Council (1985)
The process whereby a decision is made by a public authority must not be undermined by ‘procedural impropriety’ and this includes a failure to follow procedural rules, a failure to observe the rules of “natural justice” or to act fairly towards someone, in particular:
(1) Unfair behavior towards persons affected by the decision.

(2) Failure to follow a procedure laid down by legislation.

(3) Failure properly to marshal the evidence on which the decision should be based, for example, taking into account an immaterial factor or failing to take into account a material factor or failing to take reasonable steps to obtain the relevant information.

(4) Failure to approach the decision in the right spirit, for example, where the decision maker is actuated by bias or where he is content to let the decision be made by chance.

The extra costs for security people to attend APC meeting has not been approved by the council either. Dalton displays signs of being paranoid, delusional and completely out of touch with reality.

She really has lost the plot. 

Question: Is Dalton a fit and proper person to be a Governor of Anston Greenlands school?

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4 Responses to Dalton Loses the Plot

  1. Colin Tawn says:

    Cllr.Dalton makes a mockery of democracy. First she tried to get the sympathy vote(and failed) by pretending she was ‘under attack’ at APC meetings then she decides that perhaps she is delusional after all and should try to represent the people who elected her. The problem she has is nobody takes her seriously anymore and to add insult to injury Beck The Boy Blunder-who has only been a councillor since 2011-is a cabinet member for RMBC and she is not.
    Time she forgot local politics, resigned and sticks to chatting to her silly mates on Twitter.


  2. SO what has she done or been involved with that she feels the need for security, ALSO
    Why were the police guarding her at her pre meeting surgery?
    Is it because she was advisor to the Cabinet Member for Safeguarding Children & Young Adults
    as she says 2012-2013 during the time of the Child Sexual Exploitation?
    Ah well it will all come out


  3. vocalyokel says:

    It said in the newspaper article that I saw she would not be attending anymore public meetings of the PC, I took that to mean she would only be attending the staffing meetings as they are the only meetings that are not open to the public. Any councilor who is afraid to attend a public meeting should consider if their past actions have been in the public’s best interests. No politician can please all the people all of the time but if a politician (at this level) is concerned for their security maybe they need to consider their position.


  4. S Thornton says:

    I intend to investigate this further. I believe that Cllr Dalton is making up the issue of bullying/threats for Political purposes.. She stated quite clearly she would not be attending any more Council Meetings, then when she see`s on the agenda that the Council is to discuss her position she has had to find a way to back track. I am not happy that my Tax money is being used to supply security for some one who does not live in Anston and for some one who is playing Political games. Funny, when I have made complaints in the past about threats from Labour Supporters, nothing was done.
    Stuart Thornton


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