Robin Stonebridge:No Place To Hide.

Labour councillor Stonebridge served for several years on RMBC  and was forced to resign as Chairman of APC in 2007 because a serious complaint was made against him to former Legal Officer Tim Mumford. Stonebridge has a history of verbally abusing parishioners and Independent councillors .He lost the support of other Labour councillors due to his bizarre behaviour.

Stonebridge was the councillor for Anston & Woodsetts ward on Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council until being unceremoniously dumped by the voters in 2008. He would have known about the CSE scandal during his time as a borough councillor because the 2005 report shows all RMBC councillors were given prior notice of the seminar on CSE.

He is still a Parish Councillor and occasionally attends Anston Parish Council meetings but has nothing to say or contribute except to tell the residents who attend they are “a waste of space” and “should stay at home”.

Democracy. Stonebridge style.

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9 Responses to Robin Stonebridge:No Place To Hide.

  1. S Thornton says:

    It was recorded by Jo Burton, she told me so. She pointed out to me the phone she had hidden under a piece of paper so the public could not see it, Tut Tut, sneaky sneeaky, what`s it coming to when elected Cllrs are secretly recording comments made by the public
    I wonder If Cllr Dalton has ever recorded the public and passed it on to RMBC, in order to justify her Threats and Bullying, in order to get the residents of Anston to pay for her security.
    Underhand sneeaky sneeaky.


  2. rothervalley UKIP supporter says:

    Was the Parish meeting recorded last night?


    • vocalyokel says:

      Comments by Cllr Stonebridge I recall are calling members of the public who attend meetings anoraks and making some bizarre comparison between the parish council rules and the rules for tiddlywinks.


  3. rothervalley UKIP supporter says:

    Shaun Wright has resigned. When will Ms Burton go.


  4. Correction: At a parish council meeting Robin Stonebridge was speaking abusively about a parishioner (myself) I said “Are you speaking about me?” His reply – “No I am chewing a brick and it is more intelligent than speaking to you.”
    Oh there is a great deal more to be told about this unsavoury individual.


  5. S Thornton says:

    So that’s Cllr Burton, Cllr St John and Cllr Stonebridge all being aware of what was going on in relation to Child sexual abuse. Its going to be empty on the Parish Council when they go, and they will be going, we don’t want these types representing us and dragging down Anston`s reputation as a nice place to live.


  6. S Thornton says:

    I recall that in relation to the Court case, Cllr Stonebridge, when speaking to the Parishioner said “are you talking to me or are you chewing a brick”. Charming,
    He has since had more complaints made against him, again for abusing Members of the Public. If he turns up for tonight`s Council Meeting, this will be the first time he has attended such a meeting this year. He prevented me from attending meetings, and never turns up himself. That’s Labour Democracy.
    I have a feeling that very shortly he will be famous all over Anston.
    Stuart Thornton


  7. Kate Jones says:

    Ah Mr Stonebridge, the protagonist in using our money to undertake a ridiculous court case against a parishioner, resulting in us having the highest precept in the borough. He who repeatedly ignored legal advice and wasted yet more tax payers money returning this case to court multiple times. He who has zero credibility, fails to be accountable and transparent, holds the people he purports to represent in contempt ……………he who should be gone! We need more fresh blood on APC not the usual permanent commuters who reside on the tax payers gravy train! Thornton, Baker et al need to be the majority not minority for things to improve.


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