Jo Burton. Shameless

Jo Burton Anston Parish Labour Councillor and Borough Councillor who was Vice Chair of the Childrens Safeguarding Board 2007/8 and a member of the Board in 2009 made this statement today at the RMBC council meeting :

It (CSE) is happening in other towns and cities and if what has happened in Rotherham helps other towns and cities to come to terms with it

Then It will Have Been Worth It.


Watchman says: I doubt the 1400 young children and their families will agree with ‘It will have been worth it’. What an incredibly insensitive and crass statement from a councillor who is desperately clinging on to her seat at Anston  Parish CouncilShe was asked to resign as a councillor but refuses to do so.

Update: Burton’s remarks were edited out of RMBC’s webcast of the council meeting.  Is this what the Labour party calls ‘open and honest democracy’?






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6 Responses to Jo Burton. Shameless

  1. Colin Tawn says:

    Kimber,Thacker,Akhtar,Wright,St.John,Burton, Dalton and Stonebridge. All of them deny any knowledge of the CSE scandal. Prof.Jay’s report says “No one can say they did’nt know”.
    I know who I believe (it is’nt either of the council officers or councillors)
    What was Collins-RMBC Legal Officer-doing from 2012 when these crimes against children were common knowledge within RMBC and were being hushed up to prevent the truth from emerging?
    Why did Kimber seek EXTERNAL legal advice when this scandal was exposed? We are paying for Jacqui Collins and 46 RMBC solicitors to provide legal advice. It does’nt say much for Jacqui Collins’ integrity or quality of advice when the Chief Exec. employs an outside legal firm.


  2. S Thornton says:

    “then it will have been worth it” What, Girls were raped, doused in petrol and made to perform sexual acts in taxies, and she thinks “IT WAS WORTH IT”. I don’t want this Councillor representing me in this Ward.


  3. S Thornton says:

    I passed Jo Burton today at the Post Office (11th Sept 14) I said to her, “I did not see you say what your role was in the CSE”, she asked me to repeat it, which I did, She then said “neither did Cavan” (Cllr Vines UKIP). I replied, ” yes he did, he and he did it on film (Council Video ) her answer was “no he didn’t “. I then walked into the post Office.
    Note, rather than answer any questions, her first instinct is to deflect blame to other persons,
    She is refusing to say anything about her role whilst she was on the Committee, to say she was not aware of any CSE is a bit far fetched
    Come clean or its time to go (from both the Parish and RMBC)


  4. UKIP Rothervalley supporter says:

    Will this Mondays meeting be recorded on video. Will anybody be asking Jo Burton in the public meeting, what her involvement was with the scrutiny panel, years and responsibility. I know we know, but it would be nice to see her squirm and be recorded at the same time, so that the public are fully aware.


  5. She shows no respect nor remorse. With an attitude like this we can deduce she took no action whist on the Safeguarding Board. What a disgrace and an utterly disgraceful comment, even for her.


  6. vocalyokel says:

    Absolutely unbelievable what planet is she on, time she fell on her sword I think.


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