Kimber Resigns!—Update September10th

Martin Kimber CEO of Rotherham Council has resigned and is leaving in December because of the Child Abuse scandal.

The sheer scale of Child Abuse in Rotherham is beyond words. 1400 young children (who we know about)  had their lives ripped apart. He was Chief Executive of the Council and the buck stops with him. Whilst Labour Councillors have already acknowledged and accepted their failings in governance, many current and former staff still have serious questions to answer.Those in child protection who failed to care for our children must be held to account and prosecuted.

Most of those who were abused are now young adults and they were failed by an inbuilt system of cover ups, incompetence and inaction because Labour controlled RMBC followed and allowed a PC culture that included ‘Diversity’ and ‘Inclusiveness’. They did not follow policies that should have included Actions, Inquiries and Sackings.

Kimber  and Joyce Thacker (The Child Snatcher) faced a grilling by the Home Affairs Committee chaired by the Rt.Hon. Keith Vaz MP. Mr.Vaz ended by asking Thacker if “She was blaming PCC Shaun Wright for the scandal?”. Thacker avoided answering nearly every question put to her (part of her Common Purpose training) and both Kimber and Thacker were regarded as ‘not credible witnesses’ by the Select Committee. Thacker still refuses to resign.

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  1. NEXT: Joyce Thacker, The Child Snatcher – The dominoes will start to fall and ALL THE WAY DOWN TO ANSTON.


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