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Why does St.John lie?

Last week Labour councillor St.John denied complaints were made against him in 2012. He was asked by Independent Cllr.Thornton several times if he recalled this complaint? St.John said no.(The exchange between them can be seen at about 1:51 in the … Continue reading

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Anston Parish Council-The Farce Continues……..

At tonight’s meeting of APC Chairman Ireland announced the meeting would be filmed-without sound-“To test the film quality”(?)  Another person was also filming the meeting, cue Ireland asking why because “the meeting was already being filmed”. It had to be … Continue reading

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Thacker’s Final Report. (Grim reading)

Thacker’s final report for Rotherham Council has revealed the town’s continuing struggles with child sexual exploitation.The update going to the council’s cabinet today said there are currently 47 open cases being dealt with by the town’s social care child sexual … Continue reading

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Legal and Monitoring Officer–RMBC

Ms.(Horrible term!) Jacqui Collins is a highly paid Senior Officer at RMBC. Her full title is Director of Legal Services and she was appointed in 2012. The unanswered question is: What does she know about CSE in Rotherham? It is … Continue reading

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Anston Parish Council in Chaos-Again.

Last Monday’s APC meeting descended into chaos as Labour councillor Burton refused to answer several questions about her involvement in the CSE scandal. Local residents asked her several times about what she knew and about her ties to Risky Business. … Continue reading

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Burton Bites The Bullet.

Labour councillor Jo Burton now says she “was as shocked as anyone when the numbers of 1400 cases of CSE were first raised”. Contrast this with her statement earlier this month when she said “I was not aware of CSE … Continue reading

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Dalton Loses the Plot

Labour Cllr.Dalton announced on August 1st in the ‘Advertiser’ she would not attend every council meeting. She was lying because questions about her part time attendance at APC meetings was on the agenda for Monday 15th September so she hurriedly … Continue reading

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