Labour Councillors Have Questions to Answer.

What Does Ian St.John know about CSE?

Cllr.Ian St.John was one of several councillors who attended a seminar at RMBC on 5th April 2005 when CSE was discussed. He has remained silent about what he knew about these vile crimes. The Jay Report says quite clearly “no one can say they did’nt know”  Anston Parish Council now has two councillors in the Labour group who are implicated in this scandal. Their silence is deafening.


Jo Burton;Vice Chair of the Young Persons Scrutiny Panel 2007-2008 

Cllr.Jo Burton was Vice Chair of the Young Persons Scrutiny Panel 2007-2008 and claims she knew absolutely nothing about the CSE scandal which has led to the resignation of Council Leader Roger Stone.The leader of Rotherham Borough Council (Martin Kimber) has given an unreserved apology to the young girls in Rotherham who have been badly let down by the Council’s children’s agencies. The Children and Young People’s Services Scrutiny Panel failed these young girls. RMBC suppressed a report into CSE in 2002 and in 2006 another report was given to the full council and nothing was done to implement the report’s conclusions. Jo Burton was first elected in 2004, is she really as clueless about this as she claims?

The full report by Alexis Jay into the CSE scandal in Rotherham can be found here:


Judy Dalton; Adviser to Cabinet Member for Safeguarding Children and Adults.

What does Cllr,Dalton know about this sordid affair in Rotherham? She was elected in 2011 and is an Adviser to the Cabinet Member for Safeguarding Children and Adults.

What advice she has given to the Cabinet Member apart from duck and dive and say nothing?


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5 Responses to Labour Councillors Have Questions to Answer.

  1. Bob Rust says:

    Councillor Turner (ukip) was also at the seminar, perhaps you might also ask him the same questions. BUT AS UKIP SUPPORTERS YOU WILL DUCK OUT OF THAT ONE.


  2. Iain St.John was at the 2005 seminar HE MUST HAVE KNOWN about Child Sexual Exploitation.
    As Professor Jay says – No-one can say they did not know.

    Is he still involved with Safe at Last? – If so – I question his fitness to be involved.


  3. S Thornton says:

    Cllr St John is also named as a Member of the Children`s Scrutiny Sub Committee in 2004. He was an RMBC Cllr throughout the Jay report period, and even held the role of Mayor. He did not stand down as an RMBC Cllr until 2011, so any plea he makes that he knew nothing will fall on deaf ears.
    Its time for him to come clean on what he knew, or he should leave the Parish Council in shame.


  4. Timawells says:

    Reblogged this on Rothervalleystrictlynotpolitics and commented:
    When will Jo Burton do the honourable thing and stand down, she isn’t fit to represent the people of Anston and Woodsetts.


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