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Absent Councillors.

At the Finance and General Purposes Committee meeting on Monday 18th August only two Independent councillors and one Labour councillor attended. This meant Parish Council business stopped because although discussions could take place no resolutions could be passed. Even more embarrassing (For Labour councillors) was the attendance of two gentlemen from Yorkshire Internal Audit Services who were there to answer councillors questions about the audit.
Missing from tonight’s meeting-without prior notice of absence- Part time councillor Dalton, Cllr.Ireland, Cllr.Burton,Cllr. Brindley, Cllr.Stonebridge,Cllr.Beck and Cllr.Wardle.
Cllr’s O’Brien and St.John did give prior notice of absence. The missing councillors decided not to attend tonight’s performance for the simple reason they knew they would be filmed and held to account by the electorate.

The sheer arrogance of the missing councillors is beyond a joke. These people are elected to serve their community-allegedly-but treat members of the public as a bloody nuisance.
If Independent councillors and members of the public can give their time to attend why can’t these part timers get off their butts?
Beck has screwed up the parish council so he feels he no longer has to show his face, he is after all pocketing £12k+ as a borough councillor and £16k for ‘special responsibilities’. Dalton is pocketing £12k+ as a borough councillor and £10k for ‘special responsibilities’.
What about your responsibilities to the people who pay your salaries?
It seems the Labour councillors have taken Dalton’s viewpoint to heart and have agreed amongst themselves to be part timers.
Absolutely disgraceful behaviour and Shame on You.


Part time Councillor.

Labour Councillor Judy Dalton has announced she will not be attending any more public meetings of Anston Parish Council. She claims she is being ‘bullied and harrassed’ by members of the public, this is nonsense. If part time Cllr.Dalton did her job properly as Vice Chair,did not attack Independent councillors and did not ignore interruptions by other Labour councillors when Independents attempt to speak about procedural improprieties and the lack of financial controls she might have cause to complain. She was elected to attend all council meetings on behalf of her electorate. she was not elected to pick and choose which meetings she should attend. She has deceived and betrayed the people she claims to represent.


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Jacqueline Collins intervene! What has she done so far about the shocking behaviour of the Labour Parish Councillors at Anston – Iain St John’s VERY prolonged and VERY serious verbal attack on a respected elderly parishioner – Burton & Dalton pulling faces at the public. Dalton directing her ire at the independent members of the pubic, myself included, Failing to address the constant talking and commenting by Labour Party members of the public and notably failing to call to order Mr Phil Beavers who was talking throughout to contractors to APC. For those who don’t know, Phil Beavers is the person Jacqui Collins has appointed to sort the problems created by Anston Parish Council.

I think Judy Dalton has been rumbled for having secret meetings. At the July Finance meeting she attempted to remove Cllr Baker from the Finance meeting. As he walked in she leaned back and spoke to him in an earnest manner – the upshot – he could not sit on the Finance Committee any more. It was obvious Cllr Baker and the Chair of the Finance Committee knew nothing of this.however Cllr Baker took his place and quite rightly. Secret meetings have no place in what should be a democratic body.

At the Finance meeting of Wednesday last Judy Dalton rode rough shod over Cllr Jepson (Independent) when he wanted to raise points. “Will you shut up” says Judy, I want to raise a point says Cllr Jepson but on Judy ploughed speaking over him and moving through the Agenda.
Another attempt to neutralise an Independent Councillor.

It is worth pointing out that at the previous PC Meeting Iain St John berated Cllr Jepson for voting with Cllr Thornton( Independent) – Democracy, Nolan principles. NOT AT ANSTON PARISH COUNCIL.

This lot are NOT working for Anston but themselves and the party.
Jacqueline Collins Intervene – Oh yes by informal resolution i.e. Sweeping under the carpet?

Valerie Sheldon-Ennis says:

Has Judy been brought to task by the Party? – This tripe sounds like the tripe Robin Stonebridge used to cover his departure some years ago, when as I believe, he had been called to London and given the option GO or be pushed.

Judy is not even handed. Councillors on APC wrote the book on rudeness and interruptions.

Members of the public offered training – NO – Wake up and smell the coffee Judy and let us have the truth – we are being given lies, lies and more lies. Judy says she believes WE have a lovely village – NO it is our village, you know the one we care about and ask questions about at meetings because we care, only to be ignored and ridden rough shod over by you and other Labour Councillors. . You live in Dinnington Judy and therefore do not have to pay the onerous rates that you and the Labour Party have inflicted on us the ratepayers,with your profligate ways.
Fiscal prudence – an unknown concept.

Make your mind up Judy, you say “Meetings in the last few years have become …..” You then go on to say “Until latterly I have enjoyed being part of an organisation……” Last few years – latterly!?

Been on APC for 25 years, then shame on you – What have you achieved in that time? Purchased Rackford Meadows (Cavill’s Field.) This has left the parishioners of Anston with a huge debt that will take at least 2 generations to repay. OK for you Judy, you live in Dinnington. Enhance the woods! – this was green belt ergo the woods were already enhanced. This major purchase of land should have been put to the public in an open, correct and democratic manner not making the excuse of having consulted the public in the Parish Plan which was ….years ago.

SO you are fed up – WELL SO ARE WE, with you and your Labour cronies. With their undemocratic and lack of business acumen and lack of fiscal matters.

What makes Labour Borough & Parish Councillors think that they can say and do what they please and decry other Councillors who are not in the Labour Party.

As for the comments by John Ireland- Well what can we say – He is absolutely hopeless, unable to follow the agenda a great deal of the time ,heavily relying on the Clerk, whose job is not to prop up a failing Chairman who is often confused, as are his remarks in the piece. Just for once let us have the truth Cllr Ireland. Closing meetings early so you can dash off to the pub is not the way for a responsible Chairman to behave. (and you try to put this as a blame on the public – shame, shame, shame on you.).

I agree Judy – Enough is enough – Time for a change – Next May vote this shower out – Independent or UKIP.


Filming Council Meetings.

The Openness of Local Government Regulations, which apply to England, give rights to members of the press and public to use modern technology and communication methods such as filming, audio-recording, blogging and tweeting to report the proceedings of the meetings of their councils and other local government bodies.This means any member of the public can film and record council meetings without being asked to leave. One of the restrictions however is that other members of the public have the right not to be filmed if they request it.

This new law is probably the main reason why part time councillor Dalton refuses to attend public meetings. Her behaviour and attitude to Independent councillors and the public can no longer be kept secret.


700 new homes to be built on Greenbelt land near Lakeland Drive.

No new schools,GP’s surgeries or shops are planned to cope with the increase in new homes nor is there any mention of affordable homes for young couples.

Full report here.


Now Anston Parish council has spent £254,000 of YOUR MONEY buying greenbelt land they don’t know what to do with it!

APC are asking for suggestions for ‘other sympathetic activities’  to help generate some income to help with maintenance of the area. Shouldn’t these matters have been discussed in consultation with members of the public first before handing over our money?


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Emma Dobbs says:

How refreshing to have a blog scrutinising the mire of deceit that is APC. Finally lets hope we can get some transparency on why we have the highest precept in the borough (my suspicions are to pay for the copious amount of pick n mix Dalton gets through during the meetings), why we’re now indebted to the sum of 200k plus for the purchase of a field the majority of Anstonians didn’t want, or need, why APC entered into a court case they had no chance of winning, why considering Gazur has proved time and time again he is incompetent is he still in post, why is there not an ounce of decency, professionalism, honesty or transparency at APC. Oh and Mr Rust as you seem so concerned about the transparency of Cllr Thornton may I suggest you continue this tact by asking the Daltons, Burtons, Stonebridges, Becks and St Johns of this world about financial transparency at APC.



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