Dub Odyssey

Dub Odyssey is an annual campervan and car show hosted by Sheffield Volkswagen Owners Club. The show is now in its 15th year and with over 3500 attendees expected across the weekend to their new home (for the second year) at Rackford Meadows, North Anston, S25 4DF.on 28th-30th July.

On Saturday 29th July there will be a trophy for the best and most imaginative Club/Group display. Sunday sees the regular Show and Shine -split into seven categories.

Other car enthusiasts and car clubs can contact the organisers at dubodyssey@hotmail.com if they want to take part in the weekend’s show.  Traders should contact dubodysseytraders@hotmail.com.

The main structure of the show will be as before with traders, live music,fancy dress,food,bar and disco in the evening.

Tickets can be purchased from the Dub Odyssey website.

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Tesco tries again.

Tesco Stores Ltd t/a Tesco Express has submitted a licensing application to RMBC for premises adjacent to The Cutler pub.

There were a lot of objections first time round when Tesco’s original application was submitted 2 years ago including an objection from APC. Application RB2015/077 has been resubmitted with alterations which probably reflect comments from immediate neighbours concerning noise and disturbance from extractor fans. As far as I’m aware RMBC has not granted planning permission for the proposed building  but it seems Tesco’s tactic is to apply for a premises licence under Section 17 of the Licencing Act 2003 and hope permission is granted which then gives them a free hand to build a Tesco Express.

RMBC has not complied with statutory requirements. These include: references to the Revised Guidance issued under section 182 of the Licensing Act 2003 April 2017. protecting the public and local residents from crime, anti-social behaviour and noise nuisance caused by irresponsible licensed premises;
giving the police and licensing authorities the powers they need to effectively manage and police the night-time economy and take action against those premises that are causing problems;
recognising the important role which pubs and other licensed premises play in our local communities by minimising the regulatory burden on business, encouraging innovation and supporting responsible premises;
providing a regulatory framework for alcohol which reflects the needs of local communities and empowers local authorities to make and enforce decisions about the most appropriate licensing strategies for their local area; and encouraging greater community involvement in licensing decisions and giving local residents the opportunity to have their say regarding licensing decisions that may affect them.

Section 5 of the 2003 Act requires a licensing authority to determine and publish a statement of its licensing policy at least once every five years. The policy must be published before it carries out any licensing functions under the 2003 Act.
Where is the copy of RMBC’s Licensing Policy?

Legislation which may be relevant includes:
The Gambling Act 2005
The Environmental Protection Act 1990
The Noise Act 1996
The Clean Neighbourhoods and Environmental Act 2005
The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005
The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974
The Equality Act 2010
The Immigration Act 2016

The notice displayed outside the Cutler did not give all he relevant information and does not conform to requirements that notices should be every 50mtrs. There are 2/3 on lamp posts outside the Pub and on the notice board across the road.

RMBC has failed in its statutory duty by not referencing or noting any of the legislation mentioned above.

There are other issues with this application concerning; The prevention of crime and disorder. Public Safety. The prevention of public nuisance.The protection of children from harm and the increase in heavy traffic at a hazardous junction.



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Anston in the Digital Age

The most frustrating thing about editing Anston Parish Council Watch is not trying to keep the pages fresh and up to date, not having to contact people about news from clubs and societies when they should be contacting me to promote themselves, not having to try and help people remember their passwords to log on but it is…..trying to get our Parish Council to understand the ethos the web site uses to reflect our community!

APCW is a total communication organ for the benefit of all the residents of our village, its raison d’etre is to quickly disseminate all the news & notices of events that it can gather that may directly affect, or be of interest to all villagers without prejudice or favour.  The site is also here to facilitate the people of our community to communicate with each other via the Forum facility, where any registered viewer can start a subject thread or add their comments to an existing one where any reader can put their own thoughts into words and open up to the whole community if they wish, when people do this they will also usually allow any reader to comment on their posts.  So, there is the opportunity for others to comment on, agree with, show their disagreement with, or add to a subject.

It is a facility for democracy; the very word Forum is reminiscent of the original idea of ‘democracy’.
The site moderator has in the past, and will in the future, cut, delete or arrange alterations to any posts that are deemed unacceptable by the rules of the web site. Censorship cannot be dictated to the web site editor by others just because an item is not quite ‘polite’, or for any other reason.

On several occasions certain councillors and regulars-usually hiding behind false names- have publicly sniped at others excercising their right to lay bare their thoughts about certain activities and organisations on here. I find double standards extremely frustrating!
These attacks seem to me to intend that a distinction is not made between the main object of their attack and the original post! I would remind posters that this is Anston, in England, in 2017, and not North Korea or Moscow in the 1960’s!

I personally think that our Parish Council generally does a good job when keeping within the ‘Statutory Provisions’ area of its remit but as I started saying at the beginning of this post it is very frustrating when not only is the website constantly sniped at, and the people of the village often deprived of receiving important information emanating from or via the Parish Council due to a peevish attitude in not using the web site to publish it.
We will always do our best to support and promote all village clubs, societies and institutions of the village including the Parish Council if they so desire it.
This support is also extended to the Parish Magazine and the wonderful job it does for the village which means that Anston Parish Council Watch will not be submitting to the editor any response to councillor’s attacks in that particular publication in order to ensure that the relationship is not prejudiced.

As a villager and not wearing the ‘Editor’s Hat’ I have today spoken to others who may have felt inclined to respond but will now exercise restraint.
In order to preserve total independence this web site does not accept any advertising at all or even seek occasional hand-outs from bodies such as the Parish Council.  The site is maintained solely by the generosity of the site owners and my own time and effort and occasional help from others.
This blog is a great project with worldwide readership but sometimes very frustrating to be the editor of!

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Rother Valley Election Result 2017

Barron- Kevin John.        Labour            23,821-Elected

Eddy- Bethan Sion.          Conservative  19,939

Hunter- Lee James.          UKIP               3,704

Martin- Paul Neville.        Green                869

Pruszyinski- Katie Mary  Lib-Dem         1,155

Majority 3,882.   Turnout 65.87%.

No real surprises in this constituency except Barron’s majority has been cut from 7,297 he gained in 2015.

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Annual Parish Meeting.

At the Annual Parish Meeting on 31st May the councillors who attended-Cllrs. Tarmey, Thornton, Bentley, Graham, Sadler and Tawn came prepared to listen to and discuss any concerns of the residents of Anston- that is the reason for  the APM.

It is wholly unsatisfactory that the nine other councillors did not attend. Perhaps one or two of them were working or had family commitments but there were not nine apologies for absence recorded. The parishioners of Anston should question their commitment to parish affairs.

Once the meeting commenced complaints about the efficiency and effectiveness of APC were raised ,however a lot of what was said has been said before in council meetings and nobody from the (sparse) audience was prepared to offer any positive ideas or suggestions that  would help to promote community cohesiveness.

Mr.Steve Baker (former APC councillor) raised the question of the Community Woodland and asked why were trees planted near an existing woodland when there are more suitable areas that would benefit from tree planting?

Good question IMV ,perhaps Cllr.Jonathan Ireland, Chairman of the Community Woodland Charity can tell us why he and his fellow members planted more trees near the existing woods on Rackford Meadows?

Nothing of any substance was discussed or resolved at the Annual Parish Meeting, it was a waste of everyone’s time and effort because a vocal minority think they have the Monopoly on Truth and Wisdom.

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Corbyn Lies: “I never met the IRA”

On May 26th  Jeremy Corbyn told Andrew Neil in an interview: “I never met the IRA”

In 1984, two weeks after the Brighton bombing, Corbyn invited two members of the Provisional IRA, Linda Quigley and Gerard McLoughlin, to parliament. MacLochlainn was a close friend of Corbyn.

In 1981 he served two and a half years in jail for conspiracy to cause explosions.

According to a report in the Sinn Fein/IRA newspaper An Phoblacht, in 2000 Corbyn shared a platform with Brendan McKenna at an event commemorating Bloody Sunday.

McKenna was jailed for his role in bombing the British Legion hall in Portadown. 

In 2005 Corbyn shared a platform with Raymond McCartney at a meeting about Bloody Sunday.

McCartney was a member of the Provisional IRA.

In 2007 Corbyn spoke alongside Martina Anderson at an event organised by his CLP.

Anderson was jailed for plotting a series of terror attacks in London and twelve English seaside towns. 

In 2009, an An Phoblacht report places Corbyn at a Sinn Fein dinner with Diane Abbott and Ken Livingstone. The event was hosted by Gerry Adams and IRA member Gerry Kelly

Kelly was jailed for his part in the Old Bailey bombing which killed one and injured 200.

In July 2011, Jeremy Corbyn chaired a Sinn Fein event commemorating the Hunger Strikes. An Phoblacht says Corbyn shared a platform there with the IRA member Brendan ‘Bik’ McFarlane, who was a part of an IRA gang which killed four Protestant civilians and a UVF member in a pub bombing.

Also present was Jennifer McCann, who was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for the murder of a RUC constable. 

A demonstrable lie from Jezza…

Corbyn was of no consequence to the Irish peace process and his attitude, demeanour under questions shows that he has no regard at all for what is right or wrong. Either morally or politically.

There can be no peace process or dialogue with ISIS. yet he seems to imply this in his usual vague manner of speech. He is never direct at all. He even lied about seats on a train.

Corbyn is part of the establishment who has been an MP for decades drawing a generous salary to fund his attendance at rallies, usually against his own government

He pretends to care about the poor. but is really more interested in an ideological war than in supporting the people he purports to champion.

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UPDATE @ 11:20pm: Confronted by Iain Dale in an LBC interview on May 27th Diane Abbott admits Corbyn did share platforms with IRA killers.  Corbyn’s lies exposed…



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Barron airbrushes Corbyn

How strange; Sir Kev’s election leaflet makes no mention of Jeremy Corbyn at all. There is plenty of what you would expect from the sitting Labour MP-Tories and Tory plans are bad but I’m good. Sir Kev is one of many Labour candidates who do not include either a photograph or any reference to the Labour leader.

People are of course free to vote for any political party and in these here parts it is the Labour party candidate who is the favourite to win but seriously: Corbyn as PM? With can’t-do-my-sums-Abbott and the insufferably arrogant Thornberry as Ministers of State? Combine this with Kier Starmer’s pledge to ‘rip up the Tories Brexit White Paper’ and you can understand why Sir Kev campaigns as a lone soldier.

Does Sir Kev deserve your vote? He complained RMBC councillors did not talk to him nor did South Yorkshire Police. He also said he never had long and meaningful conversations with his daughter Amy Rushforth so when the CSE scandal blew up Sir Kev claimed he knew nothing about it.

Why would you vote for a man who doesn’t know anything?


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