8th -11th August 1918

Battle of Amiens.

This combined air, artillery, infantry and tank offensive was prepared in utmost secrecy, with the aim of driving the German forces away from an area with vital railway links. Ludendorff famously described 8 August, the first day of the battle, as ‘the black day of the German army’. By 13 August, British and French forces had advanced up to 11 miles eastwards on a 47-mile front, killing, wounding or capturing 48,000 enemy troops.

WWI, German POW's, Battle of Amiens, 1918 - Stock Image

Although the offensive, hampered by heavy tank and aircraft losses, slowed down as it reached the old battlefields of Somme, the psychological damage that it wrought within the German army was immense. Both Ludendorff and Kaiser Wilhelm II now concluded in private that Germany could no longer win the war.

World War 1. British forces in Bapaume, France, site of a battle from August 21 through Sept. 3, 1918. Building - Stock Image

Throughout the rest of August, in accordance with Douglas Haig’s new strategy, the Allied armies advanced across a wide front, forcing German troops under Crown Prince Rupprecht and Max Von Boehn into rapid retreat. They captured towns such as Albert (22 August) and (30-31 August) that had been in German hands for much of the war. The area that had witnessed the bloody stalemate of the Battle of the Somme two years earlier now fell within a matter of days.

Canadian soldiers, in the Battle of Amiens, World war one, France, August 1918 - Stock Image

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Labour Councillors Abandon Residents

I understand there was a site meeting today in Pennypiece Lane including the members of RMBC Planning Committee, four Anston Parish councillors and approximately twelve local residents who met to discuss the proposals to build 28 new 4 & 5 bedroomed detached houses and 2 bedroomed affordable bungalows new homes on land next to Pennypiece Place.

Independent councillor Clive Jepson was there to give his support to all those who have objected to the proposed plans.  Labour Borough councillors Jonathan Ireland and Katherine Wilson did not attend the site meeting.

Duchy Homes proposal and plans are here: http://www.pennypiecelane.co.uk/  and the RMBC webcast is here: https://rotherham.public-i.tv/core/portal/webcast_interactive/366714

From the comments I’ve heard and the perception from the webcast is that this is a ‘Done Deal’. The discussions at the site meeting were a sham. Every objection raised was glossed over and the Chairman of the Planning Committee seemed to be unduly hasty in making sure the plans were approved. Was there, like the previous Labour administration used to do in Anston secret  confidential meetings beforehand by committee members to make sure everyone was ‘onboard’ with the proposals?

It is strange that the two Labour councillors did not support the residents nor did they attend the site meeting-if they say they were working why didn’t they object in writing? They claim to be serving the best interests of all Anston residents.

The question for Cllr.Ireland, Cllr. Wilson and the Labour controlled Planning Board is: does your party loyalty take precedence over legitimate and valid concerns voiced by residents who will be affected by this proposed development? The answer seems to be in the affirmative.

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Parish Election Results.

Results for the vacant seat-North Anston ward-on Anston  Parish Council.

Bev Thornley.             Lib-Dem   327  (34.713%)

Marie Wilkinson. Independent  319  (33.864%)

Kevin Pearson.     Independent  296  (31.422%)

Total votes  942.  Spoiled ballots  3.

Marie Wilkinson did extremely well to lose by 8 votes only.

It remains to be seen if Dinnington resident Bev Thornley will make any worthwhile contributions to the parish council especially since recently elected Lib-Dem councillor Stephen Smith has stayed almost silent since taking his seat.

NB:The spending limit for individual candidates is £740, plus 6p per local government elector in the parish, community or town council area which they are standing for.

Comment:  Well election’s all over we can breath freely now.
As a consolation prize to soften the blow of us Cllrs. having to put up with another LD, maybe the three of them will get together and finish the job taken on by the Chair to APC of applying for grants, after all it is at least 18 months since he started, another 18 months might see a result. I only say might, don’t get your hopes up. The Chair might be too busy attempting to fixing cameras but that leaves 2 so you never know.
Hope the little gang had a celebration at such a massive majority and hoping also their attendance rate at meetings will continue on the same lines, which is NOT VERY OFTEN. That is the bonus.
Sorry Marie you missed out love and hope you will still get to meetings. Had it been a co-option you would have walked it. A classic case of keep politics out of local councils, some of the existing Cllrs being of the closet variety.

Chris Sadler.


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Lib-Dems making it up.

Two leaflets promoting Lib-Dem candidate Bev Thornley for the vacant APC seat contain some untruths and factual errors.

First of all this election is for a parish councillor not a Rotherham Borough councillor. It’s been said many times before;  politics has no place at parish council level and the two leaflets infer the Lib-Dems and Cllr. Tarmey have persuasive powers over APC and has the authority to change policies. Quote: ‘She (Bev Thornley) will work with my hard working Liberal Democrat team to give Anston a strong voice and deliver  real change for our area. ……………….’We changed council policy so that we could support local community groups….’. Policy changes are voted through by full council not by Lib-Dems.

Quote: ”Some ‘independents’ want to ban dog walking in our parks, camping or riding a bike in Anston Stones’. Why is the word Independents in speech marks? Where is the evidence for bans on dogs and bike riding?

The case for a crossing on the A57 has been put forward several times over the last decade (at least) and in the last instance 18 months ago when the new homes proposal opposite the Shell petrol station was considered by APC plus a petition from residents on Windmill Ave asking for a pedestrian crossing or pedestrian refuge RMBC refused the requests.

The Lib-Dems did not get better value for money for the annual community Bonfire Night celebrations. The Lib-Dems did not get a better deal for the hanging baskets round the village. The Lib-Dems did not carefully scrutinise annual parish spending. The Lib-Dems did not vote through the change in APC policy that requires all outside contractors to complete Tender and Quotation forms before commencing work. All these changes were voted for by full council which has a majority of Independent councillors and Cllr.Tarmey was the only Lib-Dem councillor.

What has the ‘Lib-Dem Team’ done for Anston?


Bev Thornley – Dinnington Resident
Seems shy to put on her leaflet that she is from Dinnington
Does not tell us how old Andrew & Stephen are i.e. how long ago did she get money to “improve”
Greenlands School playground.
What has Bev done for OUR community over the years?
Does say – our area repeatedly! our community! NO Bev your area is Dinnington.

Attempt to mislead! – “I’ll work for YOU, not town hall bosses –

Impressed with the work Drew Tarmey and the Lib Dem team are doing – WHAT WORK
This is the man who found it highly amusing with the state of Anston Village Green when reported to have – 16 piles of dog mess upon it.
You are too easily impresssed Bev –

Improving our parks – Tackling the dangerous crossing on the A57
This shows what you know about OUR area Bev. Sandra Wallhead (an Anston resident} has been involved in improving Greenlands Park for years, The A57 – You are well behind – The Revd Don Brewin campaigned very strongly on this issue.
And who would pay for your pipe dream – Not RMBC they have no money.
Not APC surely?

Who campaigned for 15 years for the village signs that you kneel beside? –Certainly not you.
Seems you are not so up to speed with OUR area as you would have us believe.

Not good enough Bev – We want openness not dissembling

Hilary Estrada Haigh


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Tesco Express Store refused planning permission

Tesco’s proposal to build a Single storey side & rear extension onto The Cutler pub to form a retail unit including ATM and associated works has been refused by RMBC.

‘The proposed layout of the store would fail to secure a safe and secure environment and would fail to minimise the opportunities for anti-social behaviour, which could lead to harm to the amenity of neighbouring residents contrary to Core Strategy Policy CS28 ‘Sustainable Design’ and emerging Sites and Policy Document Policy SP12 ‘Development in Residential Areas’.

The applicant (Tesco Stores Ltd) was unable to make the amendments possible to make the scheme acceptable so it was considered to be contrary to the principles of the National Planning Policy Framework. In a nutshell Tesco were not prepared to modify their plans and with over 50 objectors to the proposal-including Anston Parish Council-the application failed.

How any sane person fails to see that increasing the number of HGV’s and other traffic at one of the worst junctions in Anston-and possibly in the borough-coupled with an increase in noise is lamentable.

RMBC decision and list of objectors here:

http://planning.rotherham.gov.uk/fastweblive/search.asp  Click on ‘Search’ then ‘Full details’

It is very noticeable that neither of our two Labour Borough councillors-Cllr.Jon Ireland and Cllr.Katherine Wilson-added their names to the list of objectors against Tesco’s proposal. Don’t both of them claim to ‘serve the interests of Anston’?

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Wednesday evening’s (9th  May) parish council meeting was well attended.

Unfortunately most of the people present had been lured into attending on the basis of false and erroneous  information: That APC are going to sell Rackford Meadows.

How and why this silly rumour has gained credence is anyone’s guess.

Noticeable attendees included Labour’s failed ex councillor’s Judy Dalton, Joyce Brindley and Helen Wardle and ex APC councillor Judith Reynolds.

Judy Dalton launched her tirade against APC accusing councillors of wanting to discuss this matter in confidential session instead of discussing it in open session. Two things immediately spring to mind; In August 2013 Judy Dalton and other councillors held a private meeting in the Middle Hall 30 minutes before a council meeting where the final decision to buy Rackford Meadows was made.

Hmmm………..Wonder why they didn’t discuss this in open session? Answer- Because the subject of buying Rackford Meadows was kept secret from local taxpayers until the contract was signed.

Helen Wardle claimed ‘87%  of people’ were in favour of APC buying this 32 acres of scrubland, the problem with her statement is it twists the facts.  87% of how many people? Certainly not 5000 residents. The actual number of people who responded to the questionnaire was–in case you’ve ‘forgotten’ Helen- 203. 87% of 203 is 176. Hardly a ringing endorsement for Labour to spend of £276,000 of taxpayers money is it?

Helen Wardle then decided to go off on another one, claiming fracking was going to take place on parish land. Had she and others paid attention to parish matters or researched the minutes she would know that in November 2016 APC voted unanimously to ban fracking on all parish land but hey, why let self- publicity get in the way of the truth?

I understand APC Chairman Drew Tarmey quoted from the RM contract to the public which states clearly that APC cannot dispose of the land until 2033. This statement was received in some silence, possibly because the originator of the lie and the vociferous Labour party members in the audience knew they’d been caught and found out.

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Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting will be held tonight at 7pm in the parish hall.

This is not a council meeting. Everyone who attends does so as a resident and that includes councillors.

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