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All is revealed

Grateful thanks to one of my regular contributor’s who has unearthed the original photograph which Labour councillor Jonathan Ireland  doctored for personal gain.





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Devious Labour councillor

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You might be tempted to think Labour councillor Jonathan Ireland is the only councillor who does anything in Anston. The photograph above-promoted by Cllr.Ireland-has been doctored. On the left hand side of the gentleman in the hi viz waistcoat was Independent councilllor Clive Jepson who was  there when the photograph was taken. Deciding who will be a ‘non person’ to promote a political ideology is very 1984 isn’t it?

RMBC Labour councillors have a history when it comes to altering or ‘losing’ documents and evidence. The photograph above shows what lengths Cllr.Ireland will go to promote deviousness and dishonesty.

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Lies and Labour Leaflets

Last Saturday Labour councillor Jonathan Ireland and part-time Labour councillor Katherine Wilson blitzed the Rackford Road area with a self promoting leaflet that is so full of errors (lies?) it’s untrue.


The £3 million for road repairs is not from RMBC’s magic money tree, it is a share of the £100 million given to local authorities in March 2018. Labour councillors did not ‘vote to spend’ the money, it was given by HM Treasury.

The proposed pedestrian crossing on the A57 has been fought for by Cllr. Clive Jepson and local residents for the last 11 years, the Lib-Dems and the Labour party both claim credit for it and both of them are wrong. It is not nor ever has been something the Labour party can claim credit for.

It is worrying that Cllrs.Ireland and Wilson claim RMBC is spending an extra £17 million on children’s services when in fact RMBC has closed 3 children’s homes: Silverwood children’s home at East Herringthorpe and Cherry Tree House at Masbrough. Silverwood — rated as “good” by Ofsted — provides long-term care for youngsters with emotional and behavioural difficulties. And Cherry Tree House, which inspectors said “requires improvement”, offers long-term and short breaks for children with disabilities. In 2016 RMBC and Labour leader claimed children’s services cost £17 million, is this the same £17 million Cllrs. Ireland and Wilson claim is being spent this year?

We know there are local elections in May but if Labour councillors-including Katherine Wilson who magically only appears at election time-publish leaflets let them tell the truth. Or do they think we won’t notice?

NB:In 2014 RMBC decided to close a large number of children’s centres right across Rotherham. Labour Councillors who voted FOR closure were:Council budget 11_04_2014

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Parish Councillor

A vacancy exists for a parish councillor to be co-opted after the failure of any candidates to stand for election for the South Ward.

In all fairness the successful candidate should have a basic understanding of how the parish council functions and should be able to read a simple budget sheet. It will also be an advantage if he/she is prepared and committed to attend as many meetings as possible.

Full details from: Chris Pilkington
Clerk to Anston Parish Council
Parish Hall
Ryton Road
North Anston
S25 4DL.
Telephone 01909 560922

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UPDATE:It has been brought to my attention that the comments by ‘Anstonian’ concerning the relationship between Cllr. Jepson and CS. Surveying are possibly libellous and misleading. There was no deliberate attempt on my part to convey any relationship between Cllr. Jepson and CS.Surveying and I’m sure ‘Anstonian’ will want to distance himself from any possible legal action that may arise from his comments. It is imperative that everyone who posts comments needs to be sure of their facts and the possible consequences arising from erroneous and misleading posts.



While I’ve been absent (work commitments) let’s review what’s been happening in the past two months in our parish .

The parish budget and the precept; The precept has risen by 25%. Shock Horror! I hear you say but let’s break it down. It means a rise of £23.99 per Band D household (most homes in Anston are in Band D) which equals 6p per week. (For the pedants it’s 0.065726p) What are the reasons for this increase? I understand extra money has to be found this financial year for the following: £25,000 for parish hall roof repairs, £15,000 to repair the roof on the Old Library  (both of these are urgent priorities) £13,000 to cover costs for the last two parish elections plus money for the Duke of Leeds project- which was approved by the majority of people who visited the open days at the parish hall, improvements to the walks in and around Anston Stones Wood and numerous other projects. (In 2010/2011 the Labour administration increased the precept by 26.3% and nobody uttered a word of protest) Reading the minutes for the budget meeting when the rise in precept was approved I noticed Labour Cllr. Jonathan Ireland was not present so it is very strange that he wrote on his blog that the increase ‘was to balance the books’. This infers the RFO and councillors were and are being negligent with taxpayers money. Nothing could be further from the truth as anyone with even the tiniest bit of common sense can see from the minutes published on the parish council website. Fake news and Labour politicians seem to be common bedfellows these days.

Lib-Dem councillor Stephen Smith has resigned after, as I understand, his irregular attendance at APC meetings was questioned and commented on by Cllrs. Jepson and Tawn. Why resign instead of defending himself or offering valid explanations for his absences? APC Chairman Drew Tarmey should also explain why he backed Stephen Smith in the first instance to represent (?) the South ward in Anston and whether or not he told Mr. Smith what was required of him to fulfil his role as a councillor?

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Remembering 2018

Anston has had three local elections recently.  One election for South Anston ward and  one for North Anston ward.
Both these elections were called for by Mr Pearson, the one in South Anston being fully supported by Cllr John Ireland (Sr). Mr Pearson lost both elections. The elections cost you the taxpayer about £13,000.
But wait up, what happened to the Election that never was ?.

A third Election for North Anston ward was called and the name at the top of the sheet  was RMBC/Parish Councillor Jonathan Ireland. He collected signatures from other Labour supporters, including Mr Pearson`s family.
Very strange, then that the Labour Party failed to produce a candidate for the election !!.

Only one candidate put his name forward – Glyn Prendergast- and he was duly elected unopposed. Why would the Labour Party in Anston, (under the leadership of Councillor Myles Manship) allow Councillor Jonathan Ireland  to call an election, then not put up a candidate. (did Cllr. Manship know about it?) An election in which, if another person had put forward their name, would have cost the people of Anston about another £5-7,000.
Elections in both North and South Anston have cost the taxpayers a fortune, and because of this, the Parish Council has been forced into a position that it may very well have to add another £13,000 plus to next year’s Budget. *

So what happened in the election that never was?

Whilst on the subject of elections and parish councillors; Stephen Smith  was elected as a Lib-Dem councillor in February and despite his election leaflets- which also carried a photo of APC Chairman Drew Tarmey- promising change (?) Cllr. Smith’s attendance record at parish council meetings is abysmal. It’s no use citing work/family commitments as an excuse for non-attendance, all councillors know what is required of them before they take their seats. You do not represent your electors if you fail to regularly attend parish council meetings.

This year saw the appointment of a new Clerk to the Council, Mr. Chris Pilkington who has quickly recognised what needs to be done to secure and preserve the land, buildings and other assets owned and managed by the parish council and he brings fresh ideas to APC meetings.

This year’s community Bonfire Night had one of the biggest attendances ever, over 3,000 people,  and their generosity helped to raise almost £1,000 for the 2018 nominated charities Royal British Legion and Help for Heroes. A magnificent gesture by Anston residents.

2018 also marked the centenary of the end of WW1 which was perhaps the bloodiest armed conflict in recent history.  Anston owes a big thank you to all the volunteers, clubs and associations who helped to make the Centenary Remembrance Service more significant and poignant to remember those who gave their lives in the service of our country.

*APC makes a budget provision of approximately £8,000 every year to cover election expenses, this is the price of democracy.*

Whatever happens in 2019 Anston Parish Council Watch wishes you all,wherever you may be a Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

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christmas nativity scene



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