Wednesday evening’s (9th  May) parish council meeting was well attended.

Unfortunately most of the people present had been lured into attending on the basis of false and erroneous  information: That APC are going to sell Rackford Meadows.

How and why this silly rumour has gained credence is anyone’s guess.

Noticeable attendees included Labour’s failed ex councillor’s Judy Dalton, Joyce Brindley and Helen Wardle and ex APC councillor Judith Reynolds.

Judy Dalton launched her tirade against APC accusing councillors of wanting to discuss this matter in confidential session instead of discussing it in open session. Two things immediately spring to mind; In August 2013 Judy Dalton and other councillors held a private meeting in the Middle Hall 30 minutes before a council meeting where the final decision to buy Rackford Meadows was made.

Hmmm………..Wonder why they didn’t discuss this in open session? Answer- Because the subject of buying Rackford Meadows was kept secret from local taxpayers until the contract was signed.

Helen Wardle claimed ‘87%  of people’ were in favour of APC buying this 32 acres of scrubland, the problem with her statement is it twists the facts.  87% of how many people? Certainly not 5000 residents. The actual number of people who responded to the questionnaire was–in case you’ve ‘forgotten’ Helen- 203. 87% of 203 is 176. Hardly a ringing endorsement for Labour to spend of £276,000 of taxpayers money is it?

Helen Wardle then decided to go off on another one, claiming fracking was going to take place on parish land. Had she and others paid attention to parish matters or researched the minutes she would know that in November 2016 APC voted unanimously to ban fracking on all parish land but hey, why let self- publicity get in the way of the truth?

I understand APC Chairman Drew Tarmey quoted from the RM contract to the public which states clearly that APC cannot dispose of the land until 2033. This statement was received in some silence, possibly because the originator of the lie and the vociferous Labour party members in the audience knew they’d been caught and found out.

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Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting will be held tonight at 7pm in the parish hall.

This is not a council meeting. Everyone who attends does so as a resident and that includes councillors.

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Village Idiot Strikes Again

What should we make of this?

One of our village idiots has stuck a sign on the gate to Rackford Meadows telling people that the parish council is selling Rackford Meadows. Seriously?

I’ve read the minutes from all APC meetings since January 2018 and nowhere is there any mention of selling RM. Isn’t it strange that no notice was put on the gate when Bob Cavill sold the land to APC?

Which proves another point: Whoever owns it the land will not disappear from the parish.

It seems our idiot is attempting to smear the parish council and present fantasy/rumour as ‘fact’. Unless he/she can provide hard factual evidence that APC is selling the land this person has wasted paper, ink and their time.

If this deluded person has read the original sales contract and paid attention at APC council meetings they will know the last Labour administration signed the contract with the full knowledge there is a financial penalty if APC sell Rackford Meadows before 2033 or pay off the loan early.

Perhaps the hot weather has addled the (limited) brain of our phantom poster?

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Fleecing the Public

Labour RMBC councillor Katherine Wilson who was elected in 2016 to represent the people of Anston and Woodsetts has attended only one of nine council meetings since October last year and been paid £5,735 in basic allowance. So much for representing the people.

RMBC has more councillors per head of population than Sheffield. RMBC has too many councillors doing to little for too much money. The same council slashes services and jobs crying it does not have enough money but at the same time uses our money to pay deadwood.

If councillors cannot be bothered to attend council meetings they should resign and make way for people who want to and can represent their communities.

Katherine Wilson is not only a waste of money she is a waste of space. She has not delivered anything to benefit Anston and Woodsetts and she is conning the public.

It’s time she was gone.


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Anti Fracking meeting.

Woodsetts Against Fracking are holding a public meeting in the Lyric Hall Dinnington on 16th April at 7pm.
This follows on from the meeting at Anston Parish Hall on 28th March which was attended by about 40 concerned residents.

If you have any doubts, fears and questions about Fracking in our area then please make time to attend this important meeting.


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Recycle and Re-use

I made several trips to the North Anston Recycling Centre yesterday (Monday 26th March) to get rid of  general rubbish-odd pieces of timber and part used cans of paint-I had accumulated in my garage.

What surprised me during my visits was that people were discarding perfectly good small items of furniture such as small bedside cabinets, kitchen tables and chairs. There were also a few pushchairs and TV stands in good condition being dumped.

Why weren’t these items donated to local charity shops where they can be sold to raise much needed funds? A free advertisement in  ‘Gumtree’  would also give someone else the opportunity to  acquire stuff they need at a reduced price.

If you have something you no longer need and it is in good working condition don’t dump it, donate it or offer it at a decent price so others can reuse it.

The recycling centre is an excellent facility and serves  a worthwhile purpose and I understand some items are resold on Saturday mornings to raise money to  help offset some of the costs. Why not?

Don’t dump it. Recycle and re-use it and everyone benefits.

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INEOS refused approval to drill in Woodsetts.

At a Planning Board meeting today RMBC refused to approve plans by INEOS to undertake exploratory drilling in Woodsetts.

Members of the Woodsetts Against Fracking group spoke  eloquently when presenting their reasons why INEOS’s application should be refused and Borough Cllr’s Jepson and Ireland also spoke to highlight the effects of drilling and heavy truck movements on local residents and damage to the local ecology.

The full Planning Board discussion can be found here: Item 7 (1) on the R/H side of the page.

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