A Fateful Ending.

After four long years of mud,blood, sweat and tears in the trenches the Allies forced the German government to sue for peace. With hindsight, the capitulation of Germany seems to have been inevitable: she was surrounded, starved, outnumbered by her enemies and failed by her allies.

Rumours that Berlin was seeking an armistice reached the ranks of the military, which sparked dissent, disorder and rebellion. Commanded to engage the Allied fleet in one last battle, German sailors at Kiel mutinied; they refused the orders, occupied their base and drafted a list of demands – including an end to the war and the introduction of a civilian government. The Kiel mutiny marked the death knell for the German imperial government. The Kaiser and his generals were unable to control the military.

November 8th 1918 – At Compiègne, France, six representatives of the German government, with Matthias Erzberger as spokesman, are brusquely presented with armistice terms by Marshal Ferdinand Foch. The terms include German evacuation of all occupied territory, an Allied occupation of Germany west of the Rhine River, surrender of weaponry including all subs and battleships, and indefinite continuation of the naval blockade.

November 10th 1918 – The Kaiser’s Imperial government collapses in ruin as a German republic is proclaimed with Friedrich Ebert heading the new provisional government. Kaiser Wilhelm then seeks refuge in Holland amid concerns for his safety after his generals warn him they may not be able to adequately protect him from the volatile situation in Germany.

November 11, 1918 – At 5:10 am, in a railway car at Compiègne, France, the Germans sign the Armistice which is effective at 11 am–the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. Fighting continues all along the Western Front until precisely 11 o’clock, with 2,000 casualties experienced that day by all sides. Artillery barrages also erupt as 11 am draws near as soldiers yearn to claim they fired the very last shot in the war.

Between August 4 1914 and the armistice on November 11 1918, more than 8 million men and women of Britain and the then British Empire took part in this “war to end all wars”. Nearly 1 million of them perished and 2 million were wounded. A generation of heroes lies under French soil, including men from Anston.

“When you go Home, tell them of us and say,
For your Tomorrow, we gave our Today”
John Maxwell Edmunds

We Will Remember Them


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Bonfire Night

UPDATE: Over 3,000 people attended the bonfire and fireworks display. A fantastic show as always. Thanks to the Clerk and staff  for the preparations and all the volunteers who gave their time to help with crowd control and collections.

The annual Anston Parish Council community bonfire and fireworks display will take place on Monday 5th November on the Recreation ground.

Bonfire Photo

Low-angle Photo of Fireworks

Wrap up well and bring your family to this wonderful event.



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A New Blog

A new blog about Anston has been created on Facebook by Labour Cllr.Jonathan Ireland-‘Anston Matters’. If you are not a subscriber to Facebook then it’s tough luck I suppose.

Among the posts he published was this gem: At last night’s Anston Parish Charity Meeting, Councillor JT Ireland proposed allowing the public use of the hall toilets during the day.
Councillors Ireland and Phillips voted for, the rest of the council voted against. This facility is paid for by the people of Anston. Providing toilet facilities for children and older members of society who use the park, should be a basic facility the parish council provide. If any members of the public wish the toilets to be open for use, contact the parish council.       27th September.  Cllr. Jon Ireland was at that meeting and the minutes of the meeting say quite clearly (05/18) that because young and vulnerable children who attend the Play School and use the toilets could be at risk during term times. If any member of the public who visits the parish grounds needs to use the parish hall toilets then knock on the Clerk’s office window and you will be allowed to use the toilet facilities.

Cllr.Jon Ireland is using his blog for self promotion. He also published this: Good news for residents of Anston. After several years of campaigning the council for a crossing on the A57, Rotherham M.B.C. have plans for one near the petrol station. This is a very welcomed decision and shows the positive attitude toward road safety the council has. I now know my campaigning the council, as local Borough councillor, for a crossing has been worthwhile. Also, thanks to all the residents who have kept up the momentum. Success at last. 23rd July. Really? He forgets that Independent councillor Clive Jepson has been campaigning for a crossing on the A57 for the last 9 years, the residents haven’t been campaigning only since Cllr.Ireland was elected and the Lib-Dems also claimed credit for the crossing on the A57 two months previously. Self promotion again by Cllr.Ireland. It is no surprise that former part-time ex councilor Dalton and ex APC contractor Kevin Pearson are among his followers, why let the truth spoil a story?

The comments section on ‘Anston Matters’ (if you are a Labour supporter) contains these snippets;- Political Censorship! So I’ve been prevented from commenting on posts on the Anston matters page by Anston Parish and borough councillor Jon Ireland.It would appear he didn’t like my comment questioning his trust of his fellow Parish Council collegues……..Steve Baker. (Steve is a former APC councillor and lifetime Anston resident) The reply: Sorry you misunderstood. We will never gag anyone. I would like to know why Anston Parish Watch gags and censors free speech.

Self promotion again by Jon Ireland. As he is fully aware potentially libellous comments are binned. To quote-‘Nobody will be barred, unless abusive or libelous’. You need to use a spell checker Cllr. Ireland, ‘Libellous’ has two ‘L”s.

As for disallowing free speech APCW published these comments by Jon Ireland in August 2015-before the New and Improved Labour Party barred him from commenting on public blogs.


In reply to S Thornton.

Why to people keep ‘banging on’ about the previous, so called, Labour APC. At least they were voted for by the people of Anston. The majority of the current councillors were appointed by the council through co-option. I know this is a legal process, but does not reflect the voice of the people. Not much democracy there. As for giving to the Anston Festival Day, did the council not vote on grants to them. 10th June ‘RESOLVED that a grant, payable to APCRG, to cover 100% of hall and field hire for Anston. Day Festival be approved. The previous council cannot be blamed for not giving more to the day. The council have the power to approve grants in the current financial. So don’t blame others, blame the current council.


In reply to Mick Colman.

The parish council voted by a close majority to form a working group to discuss a council strategy. The proposal by Cllr Thornton was to exclude all members of the public thus making it a secret meeting. This was decided on the 5th of August. Even though you were not present, all councillors are given a copy of the agenda for each meeting. Come on, ‘get with the programme’.

So much for censorship on here. Cllr.Ireland needs a lot more experience in running and moderating a blog before criticising  APCW. It appears that using social media as a platform for self glorification is the norm these days.










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Armed Robbery in Dinnington

NEWSFLASH @6:00pm 14th October. South Anston Post Office and shop was robbed earlier today by four masked men. It is understood one man has been arrested and the Police Helicopter, Armed Police and Officers with sniffer dogs are hunting for the other members of the gang.

Yesterday (Saturday) robbers broke into a family home in Lindrick Common. There are no further details at the present time.

It is safe to say that because our Police and Crime Commissioner-Dr.Alan Billings-forced the closure of Dinnington Police Station gangs of thugs know they have at least 15 minutes to escape before Police officers stationed at Maltby arrive on scene.

How is your reorganisation of our local area Police force (‘for efficiency’) going Dr.Billings?

UPDATE: In the past 7 days there have been five robberies in Dinnington. Tesco’s,Domino’s Pizza, Salvation Army Charity  shop,Bluebell Wood Hospice (Power tools stolen from a shed) and Screwfix where a number of power tools were also stolen. Stealing is bad enough but to steal from a hospice and a charity shop is beyond despicable. The lowlife scum responsible for these robberies deserve to be severely punished but our liberal judiciary will probably give them just a slap on the wrist.

Domino’s Pizza was robbed at knifepoint yesterday evening.

Earlier a man was robbed of cash by a knife wielding thug.

Questions for Labour stooge Dr.Alan Billings South Yorks. Police and Crime Commissioner; How did closing Dinnington Police Station ‘improve operational efficiency’? Dr.Billings salary is £85,000 pa. plus two highly paid assistants yet Billings claims we cannot have more police officers because of -you’ve guessed it-‘the cuts’. Piffle.

What Billings has done is left Anston and Dinnington exposed to more crime whilst at the same time working in very comfortable office and putting more pressures on our understaffed and under equipped police officers. He stated in his election leaflet   “I am not a politician”. From 1981-1986 there was a Sheffield City Labour Councillor called Alan Billings, who was the Deputy Leader at the time that David Blunkett notoriously was Leader of Sheffield City Council.  Mr Billings should tell us exactly on what date he stopped being a politician, as the post of South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner is a political position.

Remind us again Dr.Billings, Just how effective is South Yorkshire Police on your watch?

ADDENDUM. Dr.Billings and his immediate staff are given approximately £180,000 per annum in pension contributions. This money is taken from the overall police budget, it is not extra money. £180,000 would pay for at least four extra police officers and their equipment. A pension yes but not over inflated feather bedded payments for failure.



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Tesco Supermarket Dinnington was targeted by ‘Ram Raiders’ in the early hours of Sunday morning. The Main entrance to the store was badly damaged and the supermarket will stay closed until further notice however the petrol station remains open as normal.

Police enquiries are continuing.

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Bad Penny turns up-Again

Shilo Rotherham is a charity that supports homeless people. http://www.shilohrotherham.org.uk/

An organisation that provides help and support for vulnerable people has for some inexplicable reasons elected part-time ex Anston Parish councillor  and disgraced RMBC ex-councillor Judy Dalton as Chair of the Trustees. Are the other Trust members deaf and blind or just careless?

Judy Dalton was publicly shamed with her other colleagues as ‘Not Fit for Purpose’ by Louise Casey after the CSE scandal was exposed in Rotherham and she was removed by the government appointed Commissioners from her  role as Chair of the Licensing Committee. She also ‘forgot’ to register her Gangs and Grooming company in the RMBC Register of Members Interests.  https://anstonparishcouncilwatch.wordpress.com/2014/10/16/dalton-and-cse/


Shiloh is a Christian based organisation which might very well advocate turning the other cheek but they deal every day with vulnerable people. There was nothing Christian about Judy Dalton’s role in the CSE scandal nor in her attitude to electors who questioned her when she chaired APC.

Is it right and proper that a person with Judy Dalton’s baggage and history should oversee the work of this charity?  Did the Trustees carry out a Due Diligence test before appointing her?

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APC Councillor Resigns

I understand Councillor Christine Sadler has resigned from  Anston Parish Council. No doubt she has her own reasons for resigning and as far as I know she has not yet made these known.

Cllr.Sadler was a vocal critic of the last Labour administration and on several occasions forced  ex-Labour councillors Jo Burton and Judy Dalton to backtrack on statements about their alleged lack of knowledge concerning the CSE scandal in Rotherham.

Mrs. Sadler is a champion for protection of the environment and wildlife so perhaps she feels her efforts in these fields were not sufficiently addressed by the present council but this is only speculation. She played a significant part in the visits and public presentations by Prof. Mark White and his team from Durham University who undertook archeological digs in Anston Stones and was conscientious in querying and seeking value for tax payers money.

An election for the vacant seat will be held in the next few months.

NB. Comments which criticise APC and/or individual parish councillors will not be published.

You are expected to be intelligent enough to comment on the substance of the post.


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