Armed Robbery in Dinnington

NEWSFLASH @6:00pm 14th October. South Anston Post Office and shop was robbed earlier today by four masked men. It is understood one man has been arrested and the Police Helicopter, Armed Police and Officers with sniffer dogs are hunting for the other members of the gang.

Yesterday (Saturday) robbers broke into a family home in Lindrick Common. There are no further details at the present time.

It is safe to say that because our Police and Crime Commissioner-Dr.Alan Billings-forced the closure of Dinnington Police Station gangs of thugs know they have at least 15 minutes to escape before Police officers stationed at Maltby arrive on scene.

How is your reorganisation of our local area Police force (‘for efficiency’) going Dr.Billings?

UPDATE: In the past 7 days there have been five robberies in Dinnington. Tesco’s,Domino’s Pizza, Salvation Army Charity  shop,Bluebell Wood Hospice (Power tools stolen from a shed) and Screwfix where a number of power tools were also stolen. Stealing is bad enough but to steal from a hospice and a charity shop is beyond despicable. The lowlife scum responsible for these robberies deserve to be severely punished but our liberal judiciary will probably give them just a slap on the wrist.

Domino’s Pizza was robbed at knifepoint yesterday evening.

Earlier a man was robbed of cash by a knife wielding thug.

Questions for Labour stooge Dr.Alan Billings South Yorks. Police and Crime Commissioner; How did closing Dinnington Police Station ‘improve operational efficiency’? Dr.Billings salary is £85,000 pa. plus two highly paid assistants yet Billings claims we cannot have more police officers because of -you’ve guessed it-‘the cuts’. Piffle.

What Billings has done is left Anston and Dinnington exposed to more crime whilst at the same time working in very comfortable office and putting more pressures on our understaffed and under equipped police officers. He stated in his election leaflet   “I am not a politician”. From 1981-1986 there was a Sheffield City Labour Councillor called Alan Billings, who was the Deputy Leader at the time that David Blunkett notoriously was Leader of Sheffield City Council.  Mr Billings should tell us exactly on what date he stopped being a politician, as the post of South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner is a political position.

Remind us again Dr.Billings, Just how effective is South Yorkshire Police on your watch?

ADDENDUM. Dr.Billings and his immediate staff are given approximately £180,000 per annum in pension contributions. This money is taken from the overall police budget, it is not extra money. £180,000 would pay for at least four extra police officers and their equipment. A pension yes but not over inflated feather bedded payments for failure.



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Tesco Supermarket Dinnington was targeted by ‘Ram Raiders’ in the early hours of Sunday morning. The Main entrance to the store was badly damaged and the supermarket will stay closed until further notice however the petrol station remains open as normal.

Police enquiries are continuing.

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Bad Penny turns up-Again

Shilo Rotherham is a charity that supports homeless people.

An organisation that provides help and support for vulnerable people has for some inexplicable reasons elected part-time ex Anston Parish councillor  and disgraced RMBC ex-councillor Judy Dalton as Chair of the Trustees. Are the other Trust members deaf and blind or just careless?

Judy Dalton was publicly shamed with her other colleagues as ‘Not Fit for Purpose’ by Louise Casey after the CSE scandal was exposed in Rotherham and she was removed by the government appointed Commissioners from her  role as Chair of the Licensing Committee. She also ‘forgot’ to register her Gangs and Grooming company in the RMBC Register of Members Interests.

Shiloh is a Christian based organisation which might very well advocate turning the other cheek but they deal every day with vulnerable people. There was nothing Christian about Judy Dalton’s role in the CSE scandal nor in her attitude to electors who questioned her when she chaired APC.

Is it right and proper that a person with Judy Dalton’s baggage and history should oversee the work of this charity?  Did the Trustees carry out a Due Diligence test before appointing her?

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APC Councillor Resigns

I understand Councillor Christine Sadler has resigned from  Anston Parish Council. No doubt she has her own reasons for resigning and as far as I know she has not yet made these known.

Cllr.Sadler was a vocal critic of the last Labour administration and on several occasions forced  ex-Labour councillors Jo Burton and Judy Dalton to backtrack on statements about their alleged lack of knowledge concerning the CSE scandal in Rotherham.

Mrs. Sadler is a champion for protection of the environment and wildlife so perhaps she feels her efforts in these fields were not sufficiently addressed by the present council but this is only speculation. She played a significant part in the visits and public presentations by Prof. Mark White and his team from Durham University who undertook archeological digs in Anston Stones and was conscientious in querying and seeking value for tax payers money.

An election for the vacant seat will be held in the next few months.

NB. Comments which criticise APC and/or individual parish councillors will not be published.

You are expected to be intelligent enough to comment on the substance of the post.


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8th -11th August 1918

Battle of Amiens.

This combined air, artillery, infantry and tank offensive was prepared in utmost secrecy, with the aim of driving the German forces away from an area with vital railway links. Ludendorff famously described 8 August, the first day of the battle, as ‘the black day of the German army’. By 13 August, British and French forces had advanced up to 11 miles eastwards on a 47-mile front, killing, wounding or capturing 48,000 enemy troops.

WWI, German POW's, Battle of Amiens, 1918 - Stock Image

Although the offensive, hampered by heavy tank and aircraft losses, slowed down as it reached the old battlefields of Somme, the psychological damage that it wrought within the German army was immense. Both Ludendorff and Kaiser Wilhelm II now concluded in private that Germany could no longer win the war.

World War 1. British forces in Bapaume, France, site of a battle from August 21 through Sept. 3, 1918. Building - Stock Image

Throughout the rest of August, in accordance with Douglas Haig’s new strategy, the Allied armies advanced across a wide front, forcing German troops under Crown Prince Rupprecht and Max Von Boehn into rapid retreat. They captured towns such as Albert (22 August) and (30-31 August) that had been in German hands for much of the war. The area that had witnessed the bloody stalemate of the Battle of the Somme two years earlier now fell within a matter of days.

Canadian soldiers, in the Battle of Amiens, World war one, France, August 1918 - Stock Image

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Labour Councillors Abandon Residents

I understand there was a site meeting today in Pennypiece Lane including the members of RMBC Planning Committee, four Anston Parish councillors and approximately twelve local residents who met to discuss the proposals to build 28 new 4 & 5 bedroomed detached houses and 2 bedroomed affordable bungalows new homes on land next to Pennypiece Place.

Independent councillor Clive Jepson was there to give his support to all those who have objected to the proposed plans.  Labour Borough councillors Jonathan Ireland and Katherine Wilson did not attend the site meeting.

Duchy Homes proposal and plans are here:  and the RMBC webcast is here:

From the comments I’ve heard and the perception from the webcast is that this is a ‘Done Deal’. The discussions at the site meeting were a sham. Every objection raised was glossed over and the Chairman of the Planning Committee seemed to be unduly hasty in making sure the plans were approved. Was there, like the previous Labour administration used to do in Anston secret  confidential meetings beforehand by committee members to make sure everyone was ‘onboard’ with the proposals?

It is strange that the two Labour councillors did not support the residents nor did they attend the site meeting-if they say they were working why didn’t they object in writing? They claim to be serving the best interests of all Anston residents.

The question for Cllr.Ireland, Cllr. Wilson and the Labour controlled Planning Board is: does your party loyalty take precedence over legitimate and valid concerns voiced by residents who will be affected by this proposed development? The answer seems to be in the affirmative.

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Parish Election Results.

Results for the vacant seat-North Anston ward-on Anston  Parish Council.

Bev Thornley.             Lib-Dem   327  (34.713%)

Marie Wilkinson. Independent  319  (33.864%)

Kevin Pearson.     Independent  296  (31.422%)

Total votes  942.  Spoiled ballots  3.

Marie Wilkinson did extremely well to lose by 8 votes only.

It remains to be seen if Dinnington resident Bev Thornley will make any worthwhile contributions to the parish council especially since recently elected Lib-Dem councillor Stephen Smith has stayed almost silent since taking his seat.

NB:The spending limit for individual candidates is £740, plus 6p per local government elector in the parish, community or town council area which they are standing for.

Comment:  Well election’s all over we can breath freely now.
As a consolation prize to soften the blow of us Cllrs. having to put up with another LD, maybe the three of them will get together and finish the job taken on by the Chair to APC of applying for grants, after all it is at least 18 months since he started, another 18 months might see a result. I only say might, don’t get your hopes up. The Chair might be too busy attempting to fixing cameras but that leaves 2 so you never know.
Hope the little gang had a celebration at such a massive majority and hoping also their attendance rate at meetings will continue on the same lines, which is NOT VERY OFTEN. That is the bonus.
Sorry Marie you missed out love and hope you will still get to meetings. Had it been a co-option you would have walked it. A classic case of keep politics out of local councils, some of the existing Cllrs being of the closet variety.

Chris Sadler.


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